"i pray more now to understand than to be understood."

she is beautiful.
her mind. her spirit. her wisdom. her words.
i love this woman ♥


chris paul honors grandfather with 61 points :)

happy birthday.

"A man who won't die for something 
is not fit to live." 
-Martin Luther King, Jr.

it's 4am & i can't sleep................

my eyelids are heavy.
but my mind is running rampant,
won't slow up long enough
for death's cousin to catch it.......

i don't know why
i seem to come alive
at night.
sunlight allows me to roam,
but darkness allows me to

the moon & i connect.

she is my energy,
i am her pupil....
she takes my mind higher,

until it dwells in a
parallel space.
finally free from the
it suffers during day.......

i guess i'll wait
for sunrise.