"help me to inspire those that need inspiration. help my life be a sign for the coming generation."

-Donny Hathaway, Lord Help Me
my mouth is plagued with
the bruises of obedience ,
i've bitten my tongue too many times.

i feel like every time i am bounded by silence,
a piece of my strength withers and dies.

i am growing accustomed to servility,
i am becoming afraid to speak.

i feel death masquerading as life,
and to survive, i must be weak.



home is where the hatred is.

"home was once an empty vacuum, thats filled now with my silent screams..."

Who am i?

Who were we,

before they called us niggers?

how can i ever

truly be free

when i know nothing of my history?


i wannna be where you are.

i love little michael.

it's been a year, but you will live for as long as the earth does.
Rest in Peace to the legendary, Michael Jackson.

what's the 411, hun?

grand puba & mary j perform on yo mtv raps.

same shit, different day.

bamboozled: greatest movie everrr.

i need this.


thieves in the night.

"... and fantasy it was, for we were not strong, only aggressive; we were not free, merely licensed; we were not compassionate, we were polite; not good but well-behaved. We courted death in order to call ourselves brave, and hid like thieves from life."
-Toni Morrison, The Bluest Eye.

"...not strong only aggressive cus the power ain't directed, that's why we are subjected to the will of the oppressive. Not free, we only licensed. not live, we just exciting, cus the captors own the masters to what we writing. Not compassionate only polite, we well trained. Our sincerity's rehearsed and staged, its just a game. Not good but well behaved cus the camera survey most of the things that we think, do and say..." -Mos Def, Thieves in the Night.

castles made of sand
fall in the sea ....
-jimi hendrix

dear God 2.0


"it is easier to build strong
children than to repair broken men."
– Frederick Douglass

my name is J-I-L-L S-C-O-T-T

first time i heard her. [the Roots Come Alive album]


restrospect for life.

because i am amerikan.

[words in response to inspiring conversation.]

"i'm not an American, i'm one of the 22 million black
people who are the victims of Americanism." -Malcolm X

i am the over-indulgent.
self-loathing.over-sexualized being.
who worships materials rather than deities.
i respect the men who assassinate my leaders.
who promote Stupidity. And Ignorance.
amongst my people.
because i am amerikan.

i am the little brown skinned girl
who hates her reflection.
who hides from the sun
to dilute her complexion
the bi-racial woman who denies her own blood
and belittles the black woman she feels she’s above
because i am amerikan.

i am the black bourgeoisie
disregarding the poor.
even though where they live,
i come from.
and still i ignore
the government exploits
at the expense of the deprived
subjected to the supremacy of oppression and lies.
i watch them implement sex and drugs
amongst the youth
and i choose to look away.
afraid of the truth.
because i am amerikan.

i am the prisoner who is still
legally a slave
forced to obey my master
i begin to behave
exactly as these devils demand that i be
i come home and kill my brother,
instead of the enemy.
because i am amerikan.

my music subconsciously invades
my mental psyche
i can no longer understand
my lyrical plight
i do not want to grow
i do not want to succeed
i follow the deaf, dumb & blind
wherever they lead
because i am amerikan.

black star.

i was like peace. in a groove. on a sunday afternoon.

didn't cha know.

whitey on the moon.

mark ass busters have all the fun.

aka "we are what the world has become".

there are times that i wish
i could place the burden of consciousness
on someone else's shoulders.
there's much challenge in knowing,
seeing words, unspoken.
a third eye, too focused.

& i'm not saying that i'm perfect,
but the consequences of my actions
seem to weigh a little more on my
see, most girls seem
unaffected by inevitable misjudgment,
no understanding blossoms from
her rainy days,
a cycle of disillusions
manifests as her cipher

meticulous mind tricks,
flawlessly executed
leads one to believe
that the matrix is
an unrealistic & cynical view.
while we, the select few,
await of days renewed
when the light will awaken
a sacred truth.

but let me stop there,
why me? why us?
sometimes i yearn for
the luxury of ignorance.
we are what the world
has become,

and knowing this,
has become too much.

at times.


vindication of solitude.

Independent, creative minds
have no place in society.
So where do we stand in this world?
Intermittently misunderstood,
bounded by solitude, within a vision
only we can see.
and still,
we find promise in the midst of belief.
in ourselves,
in our minds,
in our destinies He has defined.
the strongest souls often stand alone
liberated from a mental prison
so many call home.
and on nights, confined in isolation,
we question the purpose of our being,
we tend to find a consolation
inside the depths of our dreams.

where i'm from.


"food for thought so get a buffet plate/the lyrics are so phat you might gain weight."
only the sane go crazy. 
the weak just go along.





white picket dreams.

"courthouse slave rebellion".

rest in peace Jonathan Jackson, William Christmas, & James McClain.


how i got over album june 22nd!

school daze.

my brother's teacher: "malcolm x did not inspire the black panthers, he died way before they were created."

which let me to post this one last time ....

i will never be educated.
the schools in the system will only teach me what i need to
know to work for the corporations that will make them rich.
if the institutions that i attend fully intended on giving me the
information that would advantageously nourish my intellect
my knowledge, and therefore my power, would be infinite.
instead, i am penalized for my independent mind.
And i am told how to think.
i am told to pay them thousands upon
thousands of dollars to get my diploma
Which in turn leaves me in debt,
and consequently dependent on those
businesses i grew up trained to work for.
The lesson is this:
if we allow their education
to be our only education.

we will remain ignorant.



by Tupac Shakur

Please wake me when i'm free
i cannot bear captivity
where my culture i'm told holds no significance
i'll wither and die in ignorance
But my inner eye can c a race
who reigned as kings in another place
the green trees were rich and full
and every man spoke of beautiful
men and women together as equals
war was gone because all was peaceful
But now like a nightmare i wake 2 c
that i live like a prisoner in poverty
Please wake me when i'm free
i cannot bear captivity
4 i would rather be stricken blind
than to live without expression of mind



happy belated birthday TUPAC AMARU SHAKUR.
a poet, leader, king, solider, revolutionist!!!
Rest in peace god.

ex-factor live.

"pain suppressed will lead to cardiac arrest/diamonds deserve diamonds but he convinced me i was worthless."

with the Fugee's manifest/outro verse.


"life without knowledge
is like death in disguise"
-Talib Kweli


spend too much time getting your mind right,
and you might get left.

uncover too many truths,
then you might just request
to once again be
by ignorance's bliss.

my mission, to desecrate the walls
that house the fallacy we live in.
i want the truth to make us cringe,
until we have the sensation of something
crawling up our skin,

i want it to be so uncomfortable,
that we have no choice but to rise
against the system.

but we need each other.

i need the power that stands within
soldiers in the front lines of the movement
which shall commence.
i need revolutionary minds to teach me of
our brilliance,
to educate one another and believe in the
strength of our militance.

i want unconditional love in
our communities.
i want to learn of my ancestors
& the glory of our light.
i want us to rise up,
i want to conquer our plight.