school daze.

my brother's teacher: "malcolm x did not inspire the black panthers, he died way before they were created."

which let me to post this one last time ....

i will never be educated.
the schools in the system will only teach me what i need to
know to work for the corporations that will make them rich.
if the institutions that i attend fully intended on giving me the
information that would advantageously nourish my intellect
my knowledge, and therefore my power, would be infinite.
instead, i am penalized for my independent mind.
And i am told how to think.
i am told to pay them thousands upon
thousands of dollars to get my diploma
Which in turn leaves me in debt,
and consequently dependent on those
businesses i grew up trained to work for.
The lesson is this:
if we allow their education
to be our only education.

we will remain ignorant.


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