mark ass busters have all the fun.

aka "we are what the world has become".

there are times that i wish
i could place the burden of consciousness
on someone else's shoulders.
there's much challenge in knowing,
seeing words, unspoken.
a third eye, too focused.

& i'm not saying that i'm perfect,
but the consequences of my actions
seem to weigh a little more on my
see, most girls seem
unaffected by inevitable misjudgment,
no understanding blossoms from
her rainy days,
a cycle of disillusions
manifests as her cipher

meticulous mind tricks,
flawlessly executed
leads one to believe
that the matrix is
an unrealistic & cynical view.
while we, the select few,
await of days renewed
when the light will awaken
a sacred truth.

but let me stop there,
why me? why us?
sometimes i yearn for
the luxury of ignorance.
we are what the world
has become,

and knowing this,
has become too much.

at times.

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