because i am amerikan.

[words in response to inspiring conversation.]

"i'm not an American, i'm one of the 22 million black
people who are the victims of Americanism." -Malcolm X

i am the over-indulgent.
self-loathing.over-sexualized being.
who worships materials rather than deities.
i respect the men who assassinate my leaders.
who promote Stupidity. And Ignorance.
amongst my people.
because i am amerikan.

i am the little brown skinned girl
who hates her reflection.
who hides from the sun
to dilute her complexion
the bi-racial woman who denies her own blood
and belittles the black woman she feels she’s above
because i am amerikan.

i am the black bourgeoisie
disregarding the poor.
even though where they live,
i come from.
and still i ignore
the government exploits
at the expense of the deprived
subjected to the supremacy of oppression and lies.
i watch them implement sex and drugs
amongst the youth
and i choose to look away.
afraid of the truth.
because i am amerikan.

i am the prisoner who is still
legally a slave
forced to obey my master
i begin to behave
exactly as these devils demand that i be
i come home and kill my brother,
instead of the enemy.
because i am amerikan.

my music subconsciously invades
my mental psyche
i can no longer understand
my lyrical plight
i do not want to grow
i do not want to succeed
i follow the deaf, dumb & blind
wherever they lead
because i am amerikan.

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