vindication of solitude.

Independent, creative minds
have no place in society.
So where do we stand in this world?
Intermittently misunderstood,
bounded by solitude, within a vision
only we can see.
and still,
we find promise in the midst of belief.
in ourselves,
in our minds,
in our destinies He has defined.
the strongest souls often stand alone
liberated from a mental prison
so many call home.
and on nights, confined in isolation,
we question the purpose of our being,
we tend to find a consolation
inside the depths of our dreams.

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  1. Faheemah Ali, there are no words that would or could explain how much you mean to my spirit. In the world of wrongs and I am so thankful that you right/write. You are at most a genius and at the very least a visionary. I APPRECIATE YOUR GREATNESS, I APPRECIATE ALL THAT IS YOU!!!