spend too much time getting your mind right,
and you might get left.

uncover too many truths,
then you might just request
to once again be
by ignorance's bliss.

my mission, to desecrate the walls
that house the fallacy we live in.
i want the truth to make us cringe,
until we have the sensation of something
crawling up our skin,

i want it to be so uncomfortable,
that we have no choice but to rise
against the system.

but we need each other.

i need the power that stands within
soldiers in the front lines of the movement
which shall commence.
i need revolutionary minds to teach me of
our brilliance,
to educate one another and believe in the
strength of our militance.

i want unconditional love in
our communities.
i want to learn of my ancestors
& the glory of our light.
i want us to rise up,
i want to conquer our plight.

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