i cried reading this in class today :(
its just an exercise, & its totally fictional.

he lights up in the back of a dark car,
the glow from the tiny flame revealing
a young, but weary face
traces of innocence
dully glimmer
in his eyes,
an innocence that withers
with each day, as more & more of him dies.

its only weed.
and if you've ever seen some of the things
he sees constantly,
then, you would understand his need
And his longing to be free
from pain
to look through someone else's eyes
someone with a lesser plight,
even if only

But i feel i will lose him one day
That one morning he will awake,
as just a body ;
empty and hollow.
he won't remember my face
he won't remember how he would stare
into my eyes for hours,
he won't remember our connection
through conversation

he won't remember that i know him.

that he had opened up to me
and showed me the placed that
he cried from.
i felt the light from the fire
that burned deep inside him
so hypnotizing,

i was intrigued.
he told everything to me.
Could it have been that somehow he
was aware that he would never be the
same again?
So that a piece of him would still exist,
after he succumbed to the pain?
he was contemplating embarking on a
suicidal journey,
that began with a needle
in his veins.

He would never see the world again.
And i saw it in his eyes.
he wanted to take the pain away.

he wanted to die.

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