lemme write this right quick.

i think one of the greatest parts
of the writer's gift is his ability
to see things for what they really are.

his awareness.

to look at people they've known for all their lives
with the reverie of seeing his life anew.
to dissect the thoughts and motives,
words and movements,
inconspicuously watching
and unconsciously studying
one's disposition & characteristics.

not psychoanalyzing,
rather .... recognizing .
seeing things people aren't fully aware
of themselves.....

i think
everybody wants to be artistic in one way or another.
everybody wants to be able to look at certain things with
great understanding and depth,
uncovering profound perception
in everyday occurrences.
maybe not everyone is born with this ability.
or maybe they are,
they just don't want to see
the world for what it really is.

which is why their form of art is fraudulent, weak
& just like every other poser on the planet.
you know them as the ones who claim to be into fashion,
but simply buy the expensive clothes off the mannequins.
those who believe they are photographers,
but just own fancy cameras,
& capture other people's visions,
or what they believe
everyone else wants to see,
their shallow definition of what it is to be deep.
or the ones who blog about how unique they are,
how everyone is the same,
but are themselves a
regurgitation of words,
a mirror of thought,
weak minded individuals who don't possess
the intellect to think for themselves.

some have the gift of transforming thoughts
running rampantly through their minds
into a work of art.
no matter what the fuck rihanna is wearing
or how many megapixels in their lenses,
or the number of followers on their tumblr accounts.

some people build their lives around this,
some acknowledge it as a gift from God.

and then there's you,
& shitting
on our livelihood.

...& if you think this is about you,
then it probably is.


  1. faheema - you talk about me speaking words other minds wish they could say ... but, you. oh, you. yes, you. you just did it. thank you. for staying true. to your frame of work.

  2. I want to say something, something so deep and profound, but I cant find the word to describe what the piece means to me and the times that we will in, the time of surface and the shallow... so ill give it a moment of silence because you killed it!!!!!